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Sunday, 19 June 2016

UK showing the true underlying colour of blood - racism - now is the time for radical change

From the early 1990's I lived overseas, primarily across Arabia, and with my UAE blacklisting in 2013 I returned to live in the UK in early 2014.

One morning in May 2014 I expressed my view that somebody looked "vexed", he turned around and snarled "Don't use that nigger talk with me!"

In February 2015 I was ashamed at the action of Chelsea FC fans in Paris, yet that same week somebody approached me to talk about "that black bastard", my response was "why speak to this white bastard about him?"

As a 1968 schoolboy I was aware of Enoch Powell and his "Rivers of blood", now in 2016 we have Nigel Farage, a leading advocate of BREXIT, and though cut from vastly different intellectual cloth, both Powell and Farage are attuned to that lowest common human emotion RACISM, the fear of the different.

This horrific racism is not monopolised by the British:

"- What do people hate them for? Their brown eyes, the shape of their noses. For no reason at all.Everyone has to hate someone: their neighbours, the cops, oligarchs, the damn Yankees... It doesn't matter! There's so much hatred in the air... You can't get through to people... "

This past week has seen the verbal violence become murder on the streets of UK, yet the outpouring of human emotions 

Hundreds of floral tributes have been left in memory of Mrs Cox in Birstall Getty Images

gives me hope that UK will bury this extremism and embrace Europe, after all not once have I heard the phrase "East European bastard"!