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Monday, 28 July 2014

Do you think Carol and Poemas have what constitutes a good blog?

The penultimate entry at the base of this blog is the following:

A collection of my favourite sites, blogs or web pages for you to visit.

Carol's creativity has formed part of my web presence since around 2009 when I became active on social media, prior to then my activity was primarily through LinkedIn and an email of daily business items by aggregation. 

Her #TreeCozy work from 2005 is this blogs background and the header image on my Twitter and Google+ pages.

Poemas de la Wang is for me a pure delight from the content, invariably with an East European flavour, to the layout, none more so than the mosaic photographs.

I will be adding to the collection over the next few months, but for now I copy below Sunday's post from a Berlin flea market.

Please do direct me to any blog you feel I should be following in my feedly by leaving a comment, preferably with the link, and let me know what you think constitutes a good blog.

From today’s flea market in Berlin

Sunday, 27 July 2014

@anissahelou a convert to instagram!

Many of us have stumbled into the 21st century world of Social Media by accident and then lurched to other sites.

During my very privileged time working with @ShjIntlBookFair I met Anissa Helou.

I would never dare write that Anissa has ever been seen stumbling, she is a focused lover of culinary and all the other arts, indeed she has adopted instagram, a superb visual site, and her activity prompted me to consider joining.

Anissa's #Tuscany morning greeting on instagram

Anissa's blog is a delight to view with stunning images, recipes and when she remembers to post her monthly vintage belly dancer video, we are transported to a time of pleasure.

Enjoy viewing the links.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

A new start, so a new blog titled "@rupertbu ventures forth - again"!

After decades of living overseas I returned to the UK in February 2014 and nearly six months later I am looking forward to commencing work next week.

This new blog will be my personal muse with a selection of my favourite blogs copied and pasted in entirety; no doubt some streetart imagery will be embedded, obviously you may view the @rebelmouse over on the right hand column; and if I have any words of wisdom they will be posted here!

As this is Saturday, the quiet day in the blogosphere, I will take my leave with the video embedded below, and be assured "this is a wonderful world".