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Friday, 29 August 2014

Rain called off further #Bristol exploration, but shops beckoned!

What a loathsome day, weatherwise, so instead of developing my knowledge from last Saturdays activities I popped down to #Bristol city center to spend a gift voucher.

I recall from my student days, mid-1970's, that the center was a featureless post-WW2 development, and windswept.


Not much change from my earlier thoughts, with pedestrianisation and only buses/taxis permitted it is easier to get around, just so long as you do not burst a blood vessel with the execrable human manners, whether in the pushing street, or the trying on of clothes and not placing back on the hangers!

John Wesley's New Room

I will leave it to the reliable Wikipedia to introduce #JohnWesley and his #NewRoom, in essence: 

"It was built in 1739 by John Wesley and is the oldest Methodist chapel in the world."

The Arcade and blue balls of Broadmead, Bristol
 #Broadmead and it's history is well covered by Wikipedia:

"Like most 1950s buildings in Britain, affordable and architecturally interesting utilitarian buildings form the bulk of the Broadmead area."

Hopefully on Monday I will further explore "Downs Haven", until then have a good weekend.

Downs Haven