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Sunday, 24 August 2014

#WW1 and the triangle at #BlackboyHill #DownsHaven #Bristol - to be updated within seven days!

I am not too sure if righteous indignation is the correct term for what I feel about the following composition!

On Saturday, 23rd August, 2014 I alighted from a bus at the top of #BlackboyHill, and spread before me was #DurdhamDown.

Durdham Down, Bristol

Behind me was a triangle of land surrounded by roads and the inevitable flow of traffic. Looking across I could see the renovation and conversion of an old school into residences.

School undergoing conversion
Located at the north-east corner is a drab-green shelter, which upon touching I realised was decorated with cast-iron, and it could be walked around, with covered seating on all four sides.

Moss covered roof in the lee of a tree,
with a cast-iron cornice

Original guttering

East side
 Note the white rectangle mounted on the 3rd from right panel.

Restored in 1999, and apparently ignored
on the 100th Anniversary of #WW1
Walking a few yards down the side of the school wall, I crossed over #Cabstand Road, definitely no longer it's current purpose!

Plaqueless cast-iron building
I have read about the Victorian-era cast-iron lavatory facilities in a couple of locations in #Bristol, here were (and I am going to make many assumptions) the urinals built for users of #DownsHaven, again all cast-iron, drab-green paint, pierced for ventilation, with a glass roof!

Constructed to meet requirements of invalids
 using #DownsHaven?

Six urinals with a further six on opposite side.

Twelve stand-up male urinals, no sign of female!

Air-conditioning and ventilation
 from nature.

"Oh dear!" I hear the more hygiene conscious readers exclaim, at the lack of hand-washing facilities!

Google maps kindly provide a street view of the washing facilities, if that is what the following images are!
Are these the rather extravagant
grooming facilities to
complement cast-iron urinals?

Or are these facilities pre-existing
to urinals?

Surely steps would impede
invalid access?

Before I lay myself open to criticism for too many assumptions I will re-visit and hopefully clarify the situation, so within seven days I will have the answers.

Of course if there are any knowledgeable folks reading please do not hesitate to fill in the gaps in my knowledge!